Consulting Design and Technology Solutions
Consulting Design and Technology Solutions


Consultancy Design And Technology Solutions

We have a range of consultancy options available such as;

  • Enterprise Mobility strategy review
  • Mobility BYOD / CYOD / COPE
  • Network design and Optimisation reviews
  • Carrier services audit
  • Cloud services analysis
  • Network security reviews

In addition to this, our consultants provide advice on implementation, life cycle management and total cost of ownership.

Enterprise Mobility

Our experience in the implementation of secure government approved email access, in line with the recommendations of the ASD hardening guide, allows you to securely deploy remote mail, calendar, tasks and other key office automation features by leveraging some of your existing investment in Microsoft technologies.

Enterprise Mobility Management

Our consultants are members of the Apple Consultant Network, Google’s Android Business Program and Samsung’s Step program, with implementation experience across a range of Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) platforms. EMM allows you to secure manage and deploy devices, application and content and other key office automation features by leveraging some of your existing investment in Microsoft technologies. It also provides improved security and policy control over smartphones from most major manufacturers. We provide a review service to determine the best possible solution to meet your requirements, followed by detailed design, project management and implementation services.


Vendor Analysis

We provide a review of the current vendors within a market segment against an agreed set of criteria. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Performance analysis
  • Future product developments
  • Implementation of solutions against a specified standard
  • The ability to technically deliver against specified criteria
  • Value for money
  • Equipment end delivery capability
  • Warranty and support capabilities

After this process has been completed, we provide a recommendation with options to proceed to the next stage such as an EOI or RFI etc.

Carrier Analysis

We carry out a review of your Wide Area Network (WAN) topology which includes;

  • Delivery method
  • Type of services in use
  • Backup methodology
  • QOS capability
  • Disaster recovery capability
  • SLA’s
  • Tariffs

From this, we provide a report which includes a series of recommendations. This report can then be used to proceed to the next stage either by negotiating new terms or starting the market testing process.

Cloud services

We review your current on-premise systems, your business strategy and your forward procurement plans for ICT technology. From this we look for potential changes such as;

  • Migration to cloud services
  • On-premise vs Cloud email (O365 / Google)
  • Exchange migration
  • Conditional access
  • Sharepoint migration
  • Secure data storage
  • Users requiring local access to data storage
  • Security requirements
  • Reporting requirements

The outcome of this is to provide a series of recommendations for your future cloud needs.